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how do people just have casual sex with random strangers i can’t even order pizza over the phone

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“How wonderful?”

Wonderful, wonderful
To me, it was perfect in it’s own way.

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August 27

If there’s anyone that knows how to push my buttons and make my cry, it’s my mom. 

Hurtful words in exchange of never anything nice. It keeps on stacking; I crumble.

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August 27

- I rather be working than being at home right now (typhoon).

- I hate explaining myself over and over only to be misunderstood to the point I’m just ready to bite their head off. It’s like beating a dead horse; I get nothing out of them.

- Not having enough family bond time (specifically, my brother) because I work now and it consists of night shifts. I live in the same house and I never see them anymore.

“Last time u had sex?”

Last time I had sex, it was wonderful.

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