December 21, 2012

There’s something about night; the darkness. Coming home past midnight crying about all the things I wish was different in my life. I don’t like to be sorry for myself and be pathetic because I consider myself very optimistic but at times, I can’t help myself. There are many good things along with the bad, tonight is just a night that my thoughts are fraught with negativity, feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Lost. I need to start praying again on daily basis. I feel guilty for praying when it’s convenient for me.  

I need to change my mindset. There is nothing I can’t do. Anything is possible. Oyasumi.  

August 27

If there’s anyone that knows how to push my buttons and make my cry, it’s my mom. 

Hurtful words in exchange of never anything nice. It keeps on stacking; I crumble.

August 27

- I rather be working than being at home right now (typhoon).

- I hate explaining myself over and over only to be misunderstood to the point I’m just ready to bite their head off. It’s like beating a dead horse; I get nothing out of them.

- Not having enough family bond time (specifically, my brother) because I work now and it consists of night shifts. I live in the same house and I never see them anymore.

I like it.

"Good morning you stunning pearl". 

Motivation that was sent to me today! haha

Motivation that was sent to me today! haha

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Express way

So yesterday I was driving my aunt & cousin to the airport and I decided to take the express way since I didn’t want to deal with the traffic. I usually take the ETC lane, which is reserved for those with toll passes but since my dad took out my ETC device in the car, I had to take the normal lane where you stop to get a ticket first, the proceed driving. I come up, roll down my window and attempt to reach for the ticket but I was too short or something. So I had to put the car on park and get out the car to get the ticket - _ - embarrassed.


Although I wasn’t sad to see my aunt and cousin leave, being at the airport fraught’s me with a melancholy feeling. Flashbacks of leaving and being left rushes in. Getting bitter over the “good bye’s” or the “see you later’s” that yet, hasn’t happened. 

“Does using a tampon take away your virginity?”
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Some people not liking Frank Ocean’s music anymore because they found out he’s gay, saying “this changes everything”, I find that ignorant. So what he’s bi…You liked the lyrics before finding out he’s bi.. it doesn’t have to change anything. The lyrics can relate to both guys and girls, whoever you like, whatever your sexuality is. 

Two words: Narrow minded.


I hate to be such a bitch you some of you.. but you guys aren’t exactly making it easy for me to be “nice.” 

Ha, who am I kidding. I don’t care if I’m such a bitch you some of you. 
I must sound so dumb right now LOL

k stop.

- ________ -

People who shoots you a message, and then fails to actually conversate.


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